Newsletter: Improvements to our platform!

Dear partners,

We’ve got quite a few new product updates to share with you!

1) Get notified so you don’t miss a thing!
Users will now receive e-mail notifications for important alerts such as receiving RFQs, Tender participation accepted, RFQs accepted, activity page updates, and more.
2) Improvements in the Tender page
We’ve identified and fixed issues such as:

– Being able to post empty Tenders

– Being able to post empty comments

– ‘Participate’ button does not appear when trying to join Tenders

We also now allow users to add disclaimers when posting Tenders so you can list clearer conditions.

3) Privacy first
Solopreneurs working from home can now hide their addresses on their profiles.

4) A fresh coat of paint
We’ve revamped our e-mails with cleaner layouts that are easier to read

Hold on, there’s more!

To workaholics, here’s a vacation on us! We’re giving you a chance to win free flight tickets to the Maldives AND a 4D3N stay at the Hard Rock Hotel so you can get a much-needed rest!To participate in the contest, simply click the image below:

We hope the new platform improvements and a chance for a long holiday can help you push your business forward!

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