Newsletter: Malaysia’s biggest shifts in industry value!

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Times have changed due to the pandemic and so has the economy. While some markets have suffered as a cause, others have prospered and grown substantially.

Below are some of the most lucrative industries in Malaysia today:

The best part is, PREFD carries a pool of experts that offer services in two of those fast-growing industries:
Tech & Programming
We have big names, such as ETCtech, Infomativ, Sigma EMP, QC Fixer Solutions, and more offering services such as full-stack development, web development, UI.UX design, etc.
Finance & Accounting
Our experts include CK Partners, Wanconnect Advisory, Absolute Consultancy Services, GL Chong & Co, and much more. They offer services such as auditing, cash flow analysis, valuation, and more.

If your business is in need of their services, you can sign up as a Service Seeker as well via this link:

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