Newsletter: NEW features on PREFD to make outsourcing easier!

Dear partners,
We have exciting news to share with you! All Service Seekers and Providers can now utilise our host of new features that we’ve just introduced to the platform!
Updates for Service Providers & Service Seekers

Service Seeker: Once you and the Provider have connected through an RFQ (request for quotation) or Tender, you can submit an offer by clicking on the “Engage” button. The Provider will receive a notification of the offer.

Service Provider: If you’re a Provider, you can click on the “Send Offer” button in the prospects tab. This will create a form where terms can be filled in. The Seeker will receive a notification too.

There are two types of offers that can be created: 

i) Retainer Payment – This payment type requires a set budget, from which the payments – and milestones – are split into either yearly, semi-yearly, quarterly, or monthly terms. Only the deliverables for this payment type can be customised.This is great for long-term projects where the scope of each task changes frequently.

ii) Fixed Price Payment – Milestone deliverable and payment dates can be customised. Each deliverable can have a different price than the other within the project.

This is great for projects where deliverables, such as KPIs, can be specified and communicated before agreeing on the contract.

Counter Offer 
Before signing off on the contract, either you or the other party can submit a counter offer with new terms until an agreement is reached! REMEMBER, you’re not obligated to sign off on an offer until terms are agreed on.

When an offer has been accepted, a contract will be automatically created. From there, we advise you to carefully review the terms again.

If you’re a Provider, be sure to check if the deliverables or milestones suit what you’re looking for, and they must also be reasonable. Check to see if they are written out in the clearest way possible to avoid misaligned expectations. You should also keep an eye on the payment terms and ensure they match what you want.

When both parties have come to an agreement, you can sign off on the contract by drawing your initials digitally or typing them out using a keyboard.

However, we understand that you can sometimes miss out on details that you’d like to change even after signing the contract.

You can end a contract by navigating to the three dots menu next to the project listing and selecting “End Contract”. After that, you can create an offer with new terms.


After a contract has been signed, the Seeker will be required to fund the project by making a payment. You can do that by navigating to the project page and then the payment tab, then clicking on the “Pay” button.

On top of that, PREFD’s payment gateways have now been integrated with iPay88 or Stripe for added convenience.

For Providers, you will be notified via the platform and email to begin work as the project has been funded.

Note: Providers, if you do not receive a notification, do not begin working on the project. Communicate with the Seeker on the project activity page to clarify the delay.

More to come

With all these new features and additions, PREFD is now truly a one-stop managed social marketplace for your outsourcing needs.

But we’re not stopping here because there will be more features coming next week! So, stay tuned to our social media pages below or our website for updates.

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