Newsletter: PREFD perks

Dear Partners,

PREFD has recently partnered with two widely known co-working spaces to bring you office space solutions for your business at discounted prices. Below are our co-working space partners and their respective perks:


WORQ is a community-centric flexible workspace provider with the vision to create a world where people and communities prosper by working together. Our mission is to build hyper localized community workspaces by fostering meaningful connections based on trust and collaborations.

*Click the link below, apply the above promocode upon submitting the enquiry form & WORQ’s sales team will get in touch with you.
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Colony is a luxury co-working space and serviced office provider based in the heart of Kuala Lumpur with plans and pricing curated to eliminate hefty set-up costs, maintenance hassle, and long-term rental contracts. Raved over for its chic and Instagram-worthy interior, the company aims to enable guests to focus on their life’s work and reach new heights while all else is taken care of.

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Katryn Yip, +60 16-256 6163
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