Newsletter: Outsource by using Tenders

Dear partners,

On PREFD, there are multiple ways for you to attain expert help (if you’re a service seeker) or gain new leads (if you’re a service provider).

One of the methods is through the use of Tenders – we’ve implemented this feature to allow users to engage in taking on large, complicated projects.

How to post tenders:
Here’s how it works:
  •  – Posting a tender means a seeker is looking to purchase a service from a provider
  • – Tender postings should be as detailed as possible – project budgets, timeline, and due dates should be listed clearly
  • – Once the tenders are posted, only service providers can view them
  • – Providers will then engage the seekers with a bid

Easy on the wallet

As part of PREFD’s RM1 million service discount initiative, service seekers can utilise an RM500 voucher to trim down their bill.

Using the voucher:

1) Once you’ve accepted a bid for you tender, an ‘Activity’ page will be made available to you.

2) From there, enter the code PREF500 – along with your message – in the ‘Subject’ field to let the service provider know you’re looking to utilise the discount.

3) When the Terms & Conditions listed below are met, you’ll have yourself a deal!

Terms & Conditions:
  • – The discount is only applicable if all communications are done on PREFD’s ‘Activity Page’
  • – The discount is only applicable per project and cannot be utilised on top of any other discount
  • – The discount can only be utilised for projects worth more than RM500
  • – Service Providers are entitled to set the minimum price per project for this discount to be usable
  • – Service Providers are entitled to decline the discount if they are unable to provide for it

That’s all you need to know about how to use tenders on PREFD!

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