Newsletter: Your first PREFD post

Dear Partners,

Here’s another tip to get you prepare before PREFD’s launch:

In the age of content creation, we have witnessed the benefit of exposure and awareness it can bring, as viewed through our use of today’s popular social platforms. In harnessing the usefulness of content creation, we would like to avail to you on how you can bring greater awareness from the PREFD community towards your company/service offering.

Once you have successfully created your profile on PREFD, we think it’s time for you to start building your brand on PREFD through your first post.

Click here to view the previous newsletter on “setting up your profile”

Here’s how you can create your first post:

 Click on “News Feed” (1), and proceed to click on the “create post tab (2)”.
You will arrive at this pop-up screen. From here, you will be given four options of posts you can create. (i.e. General, Promotions, Article, Tender)
*All posts will be subjected to the rule of community as we aim to ensure that the PREFD platform remains free from “price war”.

Once you’re done, click “post” and your first post will then appear on the News Feed.


What’s more to PREFD beyond our news feed? View our post here:


And with the many features, we’ll be sure you wouldn’t have to face the following situation again:

Also, if you are yet to send in your RSVP for our pre-launch event on the 22th February 2022, the closing date is on 14th February so be sure to book your spot!

*Personal invitations have been sent via WhatsApp

For more info about the event and RSVP enquiries, please contact Iqmal at +6018-369 1090.

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