Faiz Adib Asyraff Izzuddin

Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia

FAAIZ Law is a dedicated firm established in 2017 and committed to providing personalized professional legal services. We provide a complete range of civil law, advocacy and personal legal services to individual and corporate clients both locally and globally. We specialize in general litigation, negligence litigation, banking litigation, conveyancing, corporate & commercial and shariah law. Our firm is covered by insurance not less than 1 million.


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  • Member of Business Network International (BNI)

    Member of Business Network International (BNI)

  • Real Estate & Property

    Real Estate & Property

    Sell and Buy Properties with Trusted List of Agents

  • Loans Consultation

    Loans Consultation

    Provide Loans Consultations with Bankers

  • Insolvency Advisory

    Insolvency Advisory

    Discharge from Bankruptcy and Bankruptcy Proceeding

  • Due Deligence

    Due Deligence

    Legal Due Diligence and Acquisition Governance

  • Employment Dispute

    Employment Dispute

    Handle matter at Jabatan Tenaga Kerja, Industrial Court, and Labour Office

  • Compliance Advisory

    Compliance Advisory

    Advice and Review Corporate Governance

  • Dispute Resolution

    Dispute Resolution

    Conciliation, Negotiation; and Mediation

  • Conveyancing Transaction

    Conveyancing Transaction

    Handle Sale & Purchase Agreement, Loan Agreement, Discharge and Charge of Property, Transfer of Property and etc.

  • Civil Litigation

    Civil Litigation

    Representing and/or Acting on behalf of Plaintiff or Defendant

  • Employment Advisory

    Employment Advisory

    Advice Employers on Applicable Laws and Practices in Company

  • Contract Negotiation

    Contract Negotiation

    Negotiator for Contracting Parties

  • General Contract Drafting

    General Contract Drafting

    Drafting and Legalise Any Arrangements or Agreement

  • Employment Advisory

    Employment Advisory

    Review of Employment Contracts, Policies, and Applicable Human Resource Documentation.

  • Partnership Agreement

    Partnership Agreement

    Establish business partners a right to secure profits, manage liabilities and losses.

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Establish and Review Non-Disclosure Information Shared with Third Parties