EffCom Corporate Services Sdn Bhd

Selangor, Selangor, Malaysia

EffCom Corporate Services Sdn Bhd provides wide range of company Company Secretary services for Private Limited Company (Sdn Bhd) / Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Malaysia, from incorporation to winding up.


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  • Secretarial Maintenance

    Secretarial Maintenance

    Provision of Named Company Secretary and maintenance of secretarial records in compliance with Companies Act 2016

  • De-Registration/Winding up

    De-Registration/Winding up

    Striking Off pursuant to Section 550 of Companies Act 2016 / Members' Voluntary Winding Up

  • Constitutions


    Adoption, Amendment, Replacement & Abolishment

  • Company Restructuring

    Company Restructuring

    Changes to the Board of Director & Shareholding of Sdn Bhd

  • Company Registration

    Company Registration

    Incorporation of Sdn Bhd and LLP/PLT

  • Board Resolution

    Board Resolution

    Directors' Written Resolution